Élément Kuuda

Element Kuuda is the "ambient pop" music project of Montreal based artist Christian Richer. The project started in 1999 in his home town of Hull, Québec. Up until 2013, Richer had released several albums independently as well as on indie/tape labels. He has performed his cosmic, ambient electronic sets in festivals, clubs and private loft parties in Canada, the US and Europe.

After a few years of focusing on his psychedelic rock project The Haiduks and producing albums for his label Kinnta, Richer has come back to the project, this time with the fusion of more lyrical pop music parts. Still filled with organic spacelike sounds and lush pads of nostalgic harmonies, Richer is currently writing new material for upcoming albums and live performances.

Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Tangerine Dream, Star Wars, Le Révélateur, Steve Hauschildt, Suzanne Ciani, David Kristian, Vangelis, Les cites d’or, Mario Bros, Carl Sagan, Oval, Jan Jelinek, Aphex Twin, Marc Knowles, La planète sauvage,
Laurie Spiegle, Alessandro Cortini, DIY synth...

Christian Richer

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